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Slides from a workshop for Attac Ireland on Ireland’s tax haven industry.

Slides from the first class of three on feminist economics, hosted by the Belfast Feminist Network.


Well, the summer starts here. My chart for a new module on global finance. hopefully I’ll have it filled out by the end of August. I’d be looking to do a variation of this for activists as well. As always, I’ll post stuff here as I go along and sure see what happens. The module is in five parts:

1. Capital
2. Architecture of Global Finance
3. The Hunt for Yield
4. Ireland and Global Finance
5. Alternatives

Half-thinking of using the module as the basis for a short textbook on the subject, aimed mainly at activists and a non-academic audience. Again, sure see what happens.

Rana Plaza One Year On

Slides for a short presentation at Comhlámh 12 Parliament Street, Dublin, 2, tonight at 7pm.

Editorial, Finance [Dublin], May 1987

The coming of age of the financial services industry in Ireland lies not just in the development of a fully integrated financial system after 55 years of independence, but also in a change in the concept and attitude towards finance in Ireland. Rapidly disappearing is the historic distrust of the financier as a modern-day gaimbin [gombeen] man (”interest man”). In its place is a new understanding of the financial services sector as a real contributor to the development of the economy, to the development of exports, increased output, and, yes, jobs.”

Lecture given at IPA, 26 April 2014.


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